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It's Crystal time...

...and there's no need to be afraid!
Reference from 1985 there - that's how up to the minute I am with modern culture. Last blog post it was Olivia Newton John, this post it's Band Aid. 
Zeitgeist, I am in you!

Back to the point, SORROW'S HERALD is out on the 10th of July! That's less than a month away! And you can pre-order it now! Exclamation mark!
EXCITE! A bit, anyway.

If you're looking at it and thinking "But Allen, that's a sequel and I've not read CRYSTAL EYES yet, how will I know what's happening?"
Well, first of all, shame on you! But I hold no grudges so allow me to help you rectify this egregious mistake:
If you go to Smashwords, buy CRYSTAL EYES and check out with the code LA48J, you will get it for FREE!
Look at all those capital letters, that's how you know it's exciting.

Aside from all this book-based nonsense, I'm still decorating. Slowly. Because I'm terrible at it. Also it transpires that the garden is essentially a weed-jungle and now I'm lowering the tone of the whole neighbourhood because I haven't got round to starting on it yet. I sprayed some weed-killer around but they all seem to be immune to it. 
I did stop the back door from creaking. The fact that something so trivial registers as a DIY success for me should give you some indication as to my level of competency with such things. To be fair, the creaking was really getting on my wick.

That's all for now!

Cover Story

Evening all!
How the very devil are you?  Glad to hear it/that's a shame (delete as applicable).

On to business.  I was hoping to be able to do a poll kind of thing here but if there's a way to include it on this website then the method is eluding me.
I have an almost finished fantasy novel, currently titled Heroes Wanted, that should be ready for release in the next month or two and I need a cover for it.  To help me decide between the four concepts I've come up with in Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 (PC/Mac) , I thought I'd canvas the opinion of the interwebs.
So please, take a butcher's at these and tell me what you think.  Obviously, these aren't finished but I want to get a feel for which one's best before I really try to polish them up.