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In a world of swords and sorcery, where terrible magical forces twist the warp and weft of reality, where dragons soar through the skies and the dead rise from their graves, one woman stands firm in the face of terrible evil and monumental stupidity and tries to run a pub.

Dealing with dark, eldritch forces and getting people to pay their bar bills?  All in a day's work for Catlyn Fordman, the short-tempered owner and landlady of The Dragon's Flight in the less than sleepy village of Heroes' Rest.

Heroes Wanted is a light-hearted, funny fantasy story about courage, friendship and family, but it's mainly about beer and stupidity.

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I started writing this for NaNoWrimo in 2012 and now, at last, I think I'm done, inasmuch as a novel is ever truly finished.
The story was inspired by the MMORPGs I play, such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. Specifically it was inspired by me wondering what life was like for the poor buggers who have to dish out quests to all the heroes and adventurers who keep running past. I was actually playing Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO) and my character was at a place called Inn of the Forsaken, a place that was just as cheerful as its name suggests.
The character I was playing had grown to be a higher level that the quests there demanded so there was no point me bothering to do them. I decided that must really annoy the innkeeper who was giving the quests out, trying to persuade people to help her and we just ignore her. Catlyn Fordman was born at that moment and everything else just formed around her.
The other main influence on this was - and I think this may go without saying - Terry Pratchett, whose books I have been reading consistently for about 25 years now, ever since I borrowed Guards! Guards! from my local library. There have been few greater influences on my writing, and my life in general, than the Discworld books.