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A Merry Crystal Christmas

Overall, this has not been a terribly productive day.  Meant to do more work on the sequel to Crystal Eyes, ended up accomplishing almost nothing - apart from making a Christmas card from Crystal!

Yes, this is how I spent a good chunk of my day, faffing about with an art program called ArtRage!

It's meant to be in a kind of anime style, not sure I pulled it off...
And if you're wondering about the burning building...well it makes sense if you've read the book (still available, hint hint

Anyway, my dad's coming to stay tomorrow so I doubt I'll get much more writing done before the new year.
Here's to a more productive 2013!

Oh, and have a Merry Christmas!

(also posted at my other blog of randomness - A Thousand Words)

Cover Story

Evening all!
How the very devil are you?  Glad to hear it/that's a shame (delete as applicable).

On to business.  I was hoping to be able to do a poll kind of thing here but if there's a way to include it on this website then the method is eluding me.
I have an almost finished fantasy novel, currently titled Heroes Wanted, that should be ready for release in the next month or two and I need a cover for it.  To help me decide between the four concepts I've come up with in Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 (PC/Mac) , I thought I'd canvas the opinion of the interwebs.
So please, take a butcher's at these and tell me what you think.  Obviously, these aren't finished but I want to get a feel for which one's best before I really try to polish them up.


Art is hard

Turns out, putting together a cover for a novel is a bit tricky!
We have a little cottage industry type thing going here, combining talented artist types and my childlike scrawlings (which I will post up at some point for the amusement of all), so hopefully the cover will be done shortly.
And then all I have to do is try and get the novel through SmashWords formatting software - from what I've read this may be easier said than done...