Allen Donnelly

Artist, Author, Whimsy Merchant

This is the official website of the artist and science-fiction/fantasy novelist, Allen Donnelly.

And it's GO, GO, GO!

It's alive, ALIVE!!!
That's right folks, I have now officially launched the Kickstarter campaign for Heroes Wanted!
It's exciting, faintly terrifying stuff! I've got no idea how this is going to play out - my predictions change on a minute by minute basis from "This is awesome, people are going to love it" to "Oh man, this is going to suck, they're going to ban you from the internet" and back again.
There's only one way to find out what happens, however, and that's to try...

Anyway, as I've said elsewhere, if you've got any questions then please get in touch via the contact form on the site, on Twitter or on Google+ and I will do my best to answer.

Here's a sample of what you'll find inside Heroes Wanted. 

Video announcement of launch (with special guest!)