Allen Donnelly

Artist, Author, Whimsy Merchant

This is the official website of the artist and science-fiction/fantasy novelist, Allen Donnelly.

Like a well-oiled machine!

My crack team of elite PR professionals have swung into action, crafting this compelling press release: 

"Written by the occasionally slightly-acclaimed author, Allen Donnelly (who’s totally not the one writing this press release and pretending to be interviewed by a 3rd party), Heroes Wanted is a light-hearted fantasy novel set in a world of dragons and magic and turnips. 

It follows the trials and tribulations of Catlyn Fordman and the other residents of the village of Heroes’ Rest. As the proprietor of the village inn, The Dragon’s Flight, Catlyn finds herself in the position of being the provider of beer and credit to the village and the adventurers passing through in pursuit of fame and fortune.

But what’s a short-tempered barkeep to do when dark and eldritch forces threaten the village and there’s no loot to tempt the heroes into helping out? Narrow her eyes, pick up her saucepan and come out swinging, that’s what!

Allen explains the origins of the tale: “The idea for the story came from the MMO (Massively Multi-player Online) games that I spend far too much time playing, when I was looking at the quests being offered by an NPC, a Non-Player Character. It’s a thing that happens in all such games but, on this particular occasion, I happened to be playing Lord of the Rings Online and I found myself in an inn that was stuck out in the middle of nowhere (the Inn of the Forsaken, if you’ve played the game – it’s as lovely as the name suggests). 

The computer-controlled innkeeper there was offering quests asking passing adventurers, players like me, to help them, but the quests and rewards were quite low level, not really worth it for any player who was even a little advanced. 

I wondered what it would be like to be that innkeeper, forever asking for help from passing heroes who barely listened to anything she said and hardly ever bothered to help. I came to the conclusion that it would suck! And suddenly Catlyn, the long-suffering, short-tempered innkeeper was born and the story spiralled out from there, the village of Heroes’ Rest and the world beyond springing up around her as if by magic!

It was perfect timing really. My previous novel was a fairly bleak, post-apocalyptic, Western-style sci-fi story called Crystal Eyes and, though I loved it, I fancied something a little more light-hearted for my next effort. Not only that, but I was lining up to write it just as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) was about to kick off so I ended up writing the first 50,000 words as part of that!

The cycle continues, however, and it’s actually the sequel to Crystal Eyes that I’m writing right now.”

Thanks Allen, we can’t wait to read it (says the completely real interviewer)!

The Kickstarter has just been launched to help fund professional editing and printing of the book (and to provide cool swag like t-shirts and so on!) and can be found here:

The Heroes Wanted Kickstarter

If you want to try a sample, see if it tickles your fancy, the first (unedited) chapter is available to download from here along with an animated reading of the first 1000 words or so."

Here's the release out in the wild -

And here's a pic of the PR team hard at work! 

She knows how to work a room