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Out with the old...


So that’s 2012 done.  Now it’s just a memory, a fading dream of halcyon days when Britain was good at sport and I actually had an income.  Instead we now have 2013, a year filled with potential and possibilities – course, there’s no guarantee that they’re good possibilities but here’s hoping!
Aside from the whole “not earning any money” thing, it’s great to be able to devote time to writing.  The sequel to Crystal Eyes, Crystal Eyes 2: The Crystal Eyesening (that’s a working title) is coming along nicely, I’ve got friends going through Heroes Wanted, telling me which bits suck (not too many of those I hope!) and I’m trying to suck less at digital art – working on a picture of Crystal at the moment that could be really good if I can just conjure up some artistic talent from somewhere.

I do need to improve my marketing skills though. A very patient friend is trying to teach me to be less of a numpty (definition of numpty) – I’ll not mention any names here but if I actually achieve any level of marketing competence it’ll all be thanks to her!

In non-writing news, my attempts at bread making remain tasty but a bit flat!  I’m thinking I might be putting too much salt in.  My next experiment is going to be honey and oats beer bread – yeah, you heard me!

Both delicious and useful as a building materialThe bread making is part of my attempts to save money, an effort wholly undone by the Steam holiday sale (Steam is an online games selling place, in case you were wondering). I have been sucked in by far too many bargains – Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (cool, bloody, axe-swinging fun), Natural Selection 2 (I’m terrible at this), Torchlight 2 (Diablo-style dungeon crawler, not tried it yet) and Guns of Icarus Online (steampunk zeppelin aerial combat game. Only just got this, not tried it yet either).
I may yet buy The Secret World as well.

All that and I’ve still got World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Planetside 2 keeping me busy – it’s a miracle I get any writing done!

Right, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and make some pizza dough!