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So. Christmas

This is a repost from my other, more random, blog

Yep, it's here.  I can deny it no longer.  It's Christmas, and any minute now I shall leap into action to start preparing for tomorrow's Christmas dinner.  Any minute...
Honestly, not a person who's hugely into the whole Christmas thing.  All things considered I could get by quite happily without it.

Merry bloody Christmas

In my defence, I'm not quite as Grinch-like as that photo suggests.  Not quite...

But enough of this misanthropy, bring on the good cheer and the overeating (and subsequent regret)!
I hope you all have a very merry Christmas, that the food is perfect (and, if like me you're the one slaving away in the kitchen, that it's not too stressful), and that tomorrow brings you many wonderful gifts!

And if one of those gifts happens to be an eReader of some kind, say a Kindle, Kobo or similar, well...I've got an idea about a sci-fi novel by the name of Crystal Eyes that you could buy.  

Just sayin'!