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And I'm back...

I have returned from the land of endless bookshops that is Hay-On-Wye to the buzzing metropolis of Grimsargh.
It has been a very enjoyable week away in a little cottage that I rented with my friend Karen. We meandered about, looked at ruins, achieved an admirable run of stopping at pubs for lunch that were closed on the day we were there. Barbecues were had, wine was drunk and games were played.
We tried out The Discworld tabletop game and The Lord of the Rings card game.
The Discworld game was a lot of fun. Not too hard to understand, lots of fun little cards and effects. Plus, I won 2 out of our 3 games, so there was that.
The Lord of the Rings card game, however, seemed madly complicated to our inexperienced eyes. It's a cooperative game, you and your friend against the game, and it's fair to say that the game kicked our arses. Even when we got a moderate understanding of what we were doing we still got stuffed. That's one that might get put on a shelf and abandoned.
The only real downsides to the week were the uncomfortable seats in the cottage (not a big thing but it was hard to get comfy) and, for me at least, the low door lintels - for those of you who were keeping track of the #allenheadtrauma hashtag on my twitter feed, the final total was 8 brain-rattling impacts between my head and some fairly solid pieces of wood.
I must confess, as nice as it was on holiday, it's also nice to be back among the comforts of home...and to be somewhere where I can walk through a door without either bending double or braining myself.
Here are some pics I took while we were there

And now I'm back, preparing for what could be a wild ride - my Kickstarter project has been approved, now I just need to pick a date and start pimping it. I'm thinking that I might push the big green button next Saturday, the 6th of July (July? Already? What the hell happened to the first half of the year?).
However it ends up (and I hope it's a success, obviously) it should be an interesting, educational experience, hopefully uplifting, potentially a bit depressing - we shall just have to wait and see!

No need to be Haytin'! Wye, you ask?

That's right, I'm in Hay on Wye!
I apologise for the puns, I've been watching too much My Drunk Kitchen on the Youtubes, the punnery rubs of on you.
Anyway, I'm here in Hay, where mobile phone signals fear to tread. A fear that is apparently shared with the sun, since it's wet and miserable!
I've attached a photo of my current view, no idea how it'll look in the post as I'm using the mobile app to write this.
As well as My Drunk Kitchen, I've also been watching a lot of Tabletop, Wil Wheaton's show on tabletop gaming. As a result me and my friend Karen spent most of last night drinking (a bit too much) and playing the Discworld card game. Was good fun, even though I lost.

In other news, I've submitted the Heroes Wanted Kickstarter project for approval so hopefully that'll be ready to go within the next few days. Probably not before I'm back from Hay, mind. I'd rather have properly working Internet when I do it.

That's it, I'm going to finish my breakfast!