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Public Service Announcement!

Just a quick blog to let people know that a new version of Crystal Eyes is now available on Kindle and via the Smashwords site.  Versions on Nook, iTunes and any other site will take longer to appear, depending on mysterious and invisible approval processes over which I have no control!
Hopefully it should automatically update when the new version becomes available.

No major changes, I just fixed a few of the errors that people had pointed out - big thanks to Kent Peterson and Craig P. Kelly for that (I've not fixed everything yet, just the ones that were easiest to find - I suspect there are some that will remain until time itself comes to an end).
There will still be some in there, and if you find them I would be thrilled if you let me know what they are and where they could be found.  You can do this either on the Forum Section, the Contact Me page or via Twitter 
If you do let me know about any issues then you'll get an acknowledgement in the dedications section of the next version to be released!  Fame and fortune will then be yours*, what more could you ask for? 


*Fame and fortune not guaranteed