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7 days was all she wrote...

Reference to a Sting song there, because I exist at the cutting edge of popular culture!
Zeitgeist is my middle name.

Anyway, the reason for the song reference - it is a mere seven (7) days, one singular week from the time of writing this, until Heroes Wanted, my hilarious new fantasy novel, is unleashed into the big, wide world! Just in time for Christmas!
It's an interesting, stressful time, especially if you're as neurotic as me.
Will people like it?
What if no one likes it?
What if it sucks?
It sucks, I know it does, I should have set fire to my hard drive and forgotten the whole thing.
No, it's awesome - pull yourself together and have some self-confidence, man!
You can do this, you can totally do this.
...I need a drink.
Repeat until comatose.

So please pre-order it, and get your friends to do the same, if only to stop me turning into a gibbering wreck. Although if more people buy it, that's more people who might not like it - oh gods!
But this is marketing (or a feeble facsimile of it) and I'm meant to be encouraging you to buy it and spread the word so please just ignore that last bit.
Here's the animated trailer I made in which I butcher an American accent.