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On Writing and Talking

Wotcha all, it's been a while!
I kinda suck at this blog writing nonsense, I'm afraid, but I have been spurred into action by the approach of the month of November and the annual NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) event.

Once again I intend to hurl myself into literary battle with obstinate word counts and recalcitrant plots.  I'm even less well prepared than normal this year, which is to say I've done no preparation at all.  This could end badly.

Saying all that, there's a chance that the earth will have opened up and swallowed me whole before then, or at least that I will have wished this to be the case - in my position as an accomplished author (hey, stop laughing!), I will be giving a talk in Cardiff Central Library on self publishing an eBook on Saturday the 27th of October.  Should you be at all interested in seeing me make a pillock of myself then you should totall check it out (and there's always the chance that I might accidentally impart useful information, though this seems unlikely).  Should be interesting if nothing else.

Anyway, I'm still trying to finish up Heroes Wanted (last year's NaNo novel - gods above I'm slow at this) and I've made a start on a sequel to Crystal Eyes (which is still available at all good eBook retailers - hint hint).