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This is the official website of the artist and science-fiction/fantasy novelist, Allen Donnelly.

Art, Dahling!

It's all about the arts today!
I have found myself increasingly attracted to paint and the application thereof to bits of canvas (not news to you if you happen to follow me on Instagram).

I've even just built up the confidence to try selling prints (and assorted other bits and bobs. Even duvet covers and shower curtains!) of some of my scrawlings on Society6 and RedBubble, which you can check out with these links - and
This isn't to say I've stopped writing, far from it, but I do enjoy the immediacy of painting and the satisfaction of creating something physical. And if it should generate some money that would be most welcome - I know the starving artist is a time-honoured cliche but it's not one I particularly want to perpetuate.
Truthfully, I'd be lying if I claimed that I hadn't become a little discouraged with writing of late. As much as I write for myself, it's hard to maintain the motivation to devote months of effort to crafting a book when you release them to a collective "Meh" from the world, perhaps accompanied by a vague shrug. 
The arcane arts of successful marketing have continued to remain a mystery. Twitter remains the main avenue of communication but I've largely stopped tweeting out book adverts - it wasn't something I ever enjoyed doing and my tweets have virtually no impact at all. That being said, when I have tweeted about my books, or my art, I have appreciated every retweet more than I can properly express.
I'm still in the middle of editing my next novel, which I would like to release this year but it's proving to be an unruly beast that refuses to do what I want, so I paint stuff instead.
Like this, my latest effort, entitled Red and Wolf! This bad boy's a full metre across, biggest painting I've ever attempted (and the latest addition to my Society6 gallery, as it happens).

I was even thinking about live-streaming some painting on Twitch, but that requires a level of confidence I'm still working up to. Maybe someday soon.
Oh, and if you should want something specific painted then I am quite willing to accept money in exchange for such a service.
Right, I suppose I should get back to trying to edit this bloody book...or I could clean the wall...
Now, where did I put those cloths?
Who am I kidding, it's almost 10 o clock at night and all I'm doing is playing Warcraft.

Be excellent to each other, love art in all its forms (even mine) and try to pretend, at least for a moment, that everything's fine, it's all fine.