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Happy New Year!

What do you mean, I'm a week late? Well, yeah, okay. It wasn't meant to be like this...
New Years Eve: I had plans, man, plans. I was gonna say a heartfelt goodbye to 2016 in fine style, or at least as much style as a man living alone can manage.
And for half an hour, it was fabulous, everything was shiny and bright, I made a coffee and Irish cream. But then, about half way through my coffee, things started feeling a little too bright. And why were my shoulders suddenly cold? I mean, I wasn't wearing a jumper, but the shivering seemed excessive. Was the room spinning a bit? There was definite spinnage going on.
Fabulousness was swapped for a thick jumper, comfy slippers and a thick blanket (a present from my friend Karen that turned out to be invaluable), shininess swapped for heavy fleece.
I spent the next four-five days with a fever, curled up underneath the blanket, feeling like death its very self. So, basically, I cancelled New Year. It's not happened yet. I'm going to have another one once I finally shake off the lingering traces of whatever it was I caught.
So, on the negative side, 2017 got off to a fairly crappy start (not that it's officially started yet, not in this house). On the positive side, I got to catch up on a lot of shows on Netflix from within my blanket cocoon. Here's a run down!

  • Brooklyn 99 - binge-watched the 3rd series on New Years Eve. As wonderful as ever, the perfect antidote to a burgeoning fever.
  • The Expanse - that's some damn good sci-fi. Highly recommended. Thomas Jane's hair is quite distressing though.
  • Shadowhunters - cheesy garbage. Just needed something trashy as a brain cleanser after the next show on the list
  • The OA - Flatliners with interpretative dance and a lot of WTF. Well made, beautifully acted, but I have no idea what the point was
  • Van Helsing - not great, not terrible. Quite enjoyable in a post-apocalyptic kind of way
  • Troll Hunters - animated thing from Del Toro. Only a few episodes in but enjoying it so far

No writing happened. In fact, this is the longest I've stared at a computer screen in ages and my head is definitely starting to protest. I still have to finish the story I was writing for NaNoWriMo but it's not going to get back to that for at least a couple more days.
So anyway, Happy New Year, I hope it's a decent one for all of us who aren't bigots or fascists.
I'm not going to say anything more about last year - let's just pretend it never happened.
I got some more nice reviews on The Salvager and Heroes Wanted, so thank you to whoever left those. It's impossible to overstate how much those reviews matter, especially to a small-time author like me. I'm just saying, I wouldn't object to a few more...
Right, the world's getting a bit fuzzy again so I'm vanishing back inside my blanket cocoon to watch some more Troll Hunters.

Later, lovely people,