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This is the official website of the artist and science-fiction/fantasy novelist, Allen Donnelly.

Let's get physical!

Let me hear your body talk, or something.
And now I've infected you with that ear-worm, hello and welcome! And the reason for me inflicting that song on you? Heroes Wanted is now available as a paperback (see, cos it's a physical thing. Hilarious)!
After going through a couple of proofs (one of which I formatted so poorly it was unreadable - I may give that away at some point) I'm really pleased with how it finally turned out.
It's not the cheapest (that's print on demand for you) but you do get a free copy of the digital edition as well. Not sure exactly how that works, all I did was tick the box in the setup screen to include it in Kindle's match book program.
It's a fun, light-hearted adventure that will, at the very least, put a smile on your face. Please tell your friends and, if you enjoyed it, leave a review. I mean, I guess you could leave a review if you hated it as well but I'm less enthusiastic about that happening.
Reviews, Likes and word of mouth are the lifeblood of books like this so anything you could along those lines would really help me out (looks pointedly at Heroes Wanted on the US Amazon store that has not a single review on it. Clears throat loudly).

Speaking of things to spread the word about - the pre-order for Sorrow's Herald, the sequel to Crystal Eyes, is live and will be released on the 10th of July. Join Crystal and friends on their continuing adventures - there will be shooting, things will end up on fire, there may even be explosions.

Away from the world of literature, I'm still decorating. Things are being painted, albeit slowly and badly. I am not, I have discovered, a naturally talented decorator. If I can keep 90% of the paint within the intended area then I consider it a win.
I haven't accidentally painted the dog yet so I guess it could be worse.

There are also many lambs in the field behind the house, jumping, bleating, occasionally getting their heads stuck in the fence so I have to go and get them out (that has happened - momma sheep was NOT happy).

That's all from me, be excellent to each other!
Altogether now!
Let's get physical...