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Doing it LIVE!

Hey ho, one and all, how the devil are you?
This is the first update I've done since the end of my Kickstarter attempt (which I've decided to label a glorious failure).
First and foremost, I'm still beavering away at the sequel to Crystal Eyes. I'm in the home straight now, heading towards the final, climactic scenes and then it will be done!  Well, the first draft will be done. After that begins the rather less exciting task of rewriting all the bits that suck and trying to find all the cock ups.

I've decided to grit my teeth against the stabbing pain in my wallet and send Heroes Wanted off to an editor. Not something I'm looking forward to, quite honestly, but it needs to be done I think. By the way, if you know of a reliable, professional editor for a fantasy novel, let me know!

There also seems to be a good chance that I may be moving house soon! To where, I don't know, not decided yet. What? I've got, I dunno, 3 weeks or so. Plenty of time...

Finally, I want to announce a new thing I'm trying - LIVE WRITING! 
There are more details on the other end of that link but the basic summary would be that you can watch, and even participate with, me writing a story in real time. No plan, no plot, no chapters worked out, just free-wheelin' down the road to wherever it takes us!

That's it for now, you beautiful people, have a good day/evening/night! 

P.S. One last thing - I'm putting up more videos on my YouTube channel with the vague hope that they may prove entertaining. Currently I'm trying to do a weekly Bake Off challenge, wherein I try to recreate one of the things baked on the previous week's Great British Bake Off. All that nonsense can be found HERE!