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The Week in Review

Thought I'd do a quick introspective retrospective from my personal perspective...
What? It's a Sunday morning and I've not had my first coffee yet.
Anyway, it's been a week since I launched the Heroes Wanted Kickstarter (which is still running, by the way! Tell your friends! No, seriously, tell your friends, I need all the help I can get), an interesting, HOT week - somewhere in the high 20s, which is hot for me! - a week in which I have pratted about with YouTube, written words and tried to think of ways to promote the Kickstarter.

Ah, the Kickstarter. It's going...okay.  Ish.  Kind of.  As of the time of writing, it's sitting at a fairly respectable 10% funded (a HUGE thank you to all who have pledged!). Need to step up my marketing push (I apologise in advance to my twitter followers).  I've got a couple of ideas but it remains to be seen if they're worth pursuing.

When I've not been staring blankly at the wall and trying to wrap my head around the arcane world of "marketing", I've been working on the follow up to Crystal Eyes. It's going quite well, hit about 50k words (and this is the second attempt - I scrapped the first one as I didn't think it was very good), probably about two thirds of the way through. 
I'd love to be more accurate with my estimate but I never stick to the plans I make for stories. It inevitably ends up wandering off on some tangent or another.

Right, time to gird the loins (and whatever else might need girding. How does one gird, anyway?) for the week to come. Going to do some more video updates because I'm quite enjoying doing them. Is that narcissistic? Probably a bit.
Need to get some better software though, I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and it kinda sucks.

That's it for now!
Remember, if you've got any questions/suggestions, feel free to get in touch on the Twitter, on Google+ or on the Contact Page of this here website.

Later, folks! 

P.s. Here's a vid of me trying to recreate a scene from Jurassic Park using just an iPhone camera, a bag of crisps and a hungry dog.