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Happy Valentine's Day

Or something. To be honest, I don't care about Valentine's Day at all (and not just because I'm tragically and bitterly alone *sniff* it's okay, I'm fine *sniff* I've got my collection of Spider-Woman comics).
Anyway, to those of you who aren't embittered hermits with a superhero fixation, have a good day!
Here's a slightly naff little poem I wrote:

Mr. Valentine

You're a creep, Mr. Valentine
You're a freak, Mr. Valentine
You skulk in the shadows,
You lurk in the dark,
You stalk on the outside
Never once taking part.

What's your game, Mr. Valentine?
Where's your shame, Mr. Valentine?
You wait in the dust,
You prepare all your bait,
You send out your invites,
But there's no sign of a date.

You're too strange, Mr. Valentine,
Just a bit...wrong, Mr. Valentine.
You write out your cards,
You say "always be mine"
You draw cute little puppies,
Begging "be my valentine."

I think not, Mr. Valentine,
Not today, Mr. Valentine.
I'm, er, washing my hair,
I've, um, got washing on the line,
Look, I'm sorry to tell you this,
I just don't like you, Mr. Valentine.