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This is a guide to creating that most sublime of snacks - the cheese toasty - an incomarpable source of fuel for those long hours in front of a keyboard, locked in literary combat (ideal for NaNoWriMo)!
There are many who would ask why such a simple dish would need a guide.
Well, my sceptical friends, whilst it is true that a cheese toasty is not a complex thing, there are layers of subtlety and techniques that turn a toasty into a work of culinary art.

Just follow these simple steps and you too can become a Da Vinci of the toasty world. 

Step 1 - Requirements

Ideally, you will have a griddle pan (although a frying pan should suffice)

And, of course, the ingredients for the sandwich itself

I'm going with simple cheddar and some Sainsbury's Warm & Spicy Tomato Chutney

Step 2 - Making the sandwich

Construct a normal sandwich

At this point, the family pet may start to take an interest...

Step 3 - The important bit

Once you have constructed the sandwich in the normal fashion, you need to butter the outside of it
I know, mad isn't it?

Now, while you're doing that, start heating up the griddle.  Should be on a medium heat, but be sure not to put any oil in (that's what the butter's for!)

Step 4 - Toasting the Toasty

Once the griddle has heated up, put the sandwich in, thusly...

Leave it sizzling away there for a minute or two, then carefully lift up a corner (I'd advise using a fish slice for this - there will be hotness) and see if the underside has toasted.  If not then leave it for a bit longer, but if it looks done then turn it over

Almost there!

Now we just have to wait for the other side to toast and we'll be done.
Check it after a minute or two to see if it's toasted.  If not, leave it a bit longer, but if it is done...

Step 5 - It's toasty time!

Remove from the griddle (not forgetting to turn the heat off) and serve with a beverage of your choice (I've gone with Sainsbury's Organic, Fair Trade coffee, because I am just that middle-class)