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It's NaNoWriMo Time!
Now with extra added facial hair!

Progress so far

That's right, November has rolled around again, as it is wont to do, and once more the writers of this world must gird their metaphorical loins (or their actual ones if they are so inclined) and set forth to do battle in the literary no man's land that is NaNoWriMo.
I am attempting it, as I always do, although if I may get my excuses in early, I am trying to organise a house move - it's unlikely that it'll be sorted out before the end of November but you never know!

I have decided to write it live, with the text appearing as I type it in a publicly accessible Google doc that is linked on the Chapter pages below this one. It is called (at least at the moment) IRONHEART (it's a fantasy novel, just to warn you. It does contain elves).
See below for my NaNoWriMo drinking game!

I'll also be doing Movember at the same time so, while I'm not asking anyone to sponsor me, I'm putting a Donate button here so that if you're enjoying the story (or the pictures of me slowly extruding facial hair) you can send some money directly to Movember.
And if you have a bit of cash left over, I would not object to you pre-ordering Heroes Wanted for $2.99 or buying Crystal Eyes for just 99 cents. In fact, for the duration of Movember, I'll donate half the profits from each sale of Crystal Eyes to the Movember charity, which would only amount to about 17.5 cents per sale but it's better than nowt, right!

To spice things up, because let's face it, watching a man slowly type out words is not the last word in exciting entertainment, I'm proposing a NaNoWriMo drinking game!

The NaNoWriMo Drinking Game, AKA Death By Typo
A typo appears that is not immediately corrected - take a drink
There is a spelling mistake - take a drink
Incorrect use of their/there/they're - take 2 drinks
Aberrant apostrophe - take 2 drinks
Author forgets character name and changes it without noticing - take 3 drinks
More may be added as I think of them!

You can do this as you write your own novel or as you watch me write mine!

Safety note: for the sake of all our livers, this should probably not be attempted on every one of the 30 days in November - that way cirrhosis lies.
Please drink responsibly (seriously though, has anyone ever looked at that line in an advert for booze and gone "You know what, advert, I was just going to get plastered on this cheap-ass fruit flavoured vodka but now you've said that I'm actually going to take it a bit more slowly. Thanks, advert!")