Allen Donnelly

Artist, Author, Whimsy Merchant

This is the official website of the artist and science-fiction/fantasy novelist, Allen Donnelly.


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Crystal Eyes has also been permanently reduced in price and can now be yours to own for just 99 cents! 
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I hope you enjoy them - and even if you don't - any reviews, critiques, opinions will be gratefully received!

If you have any friends who you think might like an action packed, cinematic, post-apocalyptic Western-themed sci-fi novel with a badass protagonist, or perhaps a light-hearted fantasy novel filled with dragons, monsters and a short-tempered bar tender, then please let them know - nothing matters more than word of mouth.

If you want to check out more of my writing, take a look at the LIVE WRITING page - a story in the process of creation! - along with the Poetry and Short Stories sections.

Mean, moody, monochromatic - that makes it arty, right?

Mean, moody, monochromatic - that makes it arty, right?